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The Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI)

We offer two basic services for ordering Russian archival documents

Basic Service – $75 plus cost of documents

In the basic service, you handle all communications with the archive yourself. Once they give you a bill for the archival documents, you send the necessary information to us, including payment. We will then pay a local Sberbank branch inside Russia on your behalf. Depending on the particular archive’s protocol, we will either email the receipt to you or deliver it to the archive ourselves.

VIP Service – $250 Plus Cost of Documents

If you select the VIP service, we will handle all communications with the Russian archives for you. This service works well for non-Russian speakers looking to receive copies of documents held by Russian archives. This is ideal for researchers hiring document translators or for those looking to access archival holdings in languages other than Russian, such as trophy documents from the Napoleonic Wars or WWII.

This service is also helpful for those looking to conduct genealogical research with Russian holdings.

Payments and Document Fees

Each archive charges a different fee to obtain PDF copies of archival sources. Generally, the archives publish these lists in Russian on their websites. The fees depend on the age of the document, its size, and its medium (paper, microfilm, etc.). We cannot change what an archive charges for its duplication costs.

All payment will be handled via PayPal. For either the Basic or VIP service, contact us first by the contact form or via email ( We will then send an invoice through PayPal. Upon payment, we will update you as soon as possible about an estimated time frame to receive your documents.

COVId-19 Processing Time Note

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Russian archives are operating at extremely reduced and limited capacity. It may take longer than usual to receive documents due to this. In some archives, an appointment must be made to even enter the archive and drop off a payment receipt. We will contact you with as much information as possible regarding the specifics of each archive on a case by case basis.